Office Hours Tunes & Topics List

Office Hours Topics

  • Articulation (“crunch”) & Emphasis
    Bowing/slurs for changing sound and emphasis May 2017
    In bowed “triplets” Dec 2017
    Reel Issoudun and bowing emphasis Dec 2017
  • Bow Hold
    Bow hold details and perspectives Oct 2017 and more Oct 2017
  • Bowing
    For changing sound and emphasis or for controlling bow direction May 2017
    With rolls June 2017
  • Care of the Violin
    Autumn humidity concerns Oct 2017
    String changing Apr 2018
  • Chords/Accompaniment
    Chord theory Sept 2017
    Playing chords to Boil them Cabbage Down in D Sept 2017
  • Cross Tuning
    Cross tuning Sept 2017
    Features of cross tuning Sept 2017
  • Double Stops/Drones
    Double stop exercise (partly using Jimmy Ward’s Favorite) Feb 2018
  • Learning & Practice
    Using Transcribe to learn a tune (slow a recording down and loop sections) June 2017
  • Making Sets
    Using Transcribe to learn a tune (slow a recording down and loop sections) June 2018
  • Rolls
    Bowing with rolls June 2017
    Separated/spread out rolls in jigs Dec 2017
  • Triplets/Trebles
    Crunch in bowed “triplets” Dec 2017

Office Hours Tunes

The 99 June 2018
All the Way to Galway Aug 2017
The Athol Highlanders Aug 2017 Jan 2018
The Blarney Pilgrim March 2018
Brenda Stubberts’ by Jerry Holland Dec 2017
Buttermilk Mary Jan 2018
Cache tes fesses May 2018
Le canal en octobre by Frédéric Paris Oct 2017
Cherokee Trail by John Herrmann Aug 2017
Chorus Jig Jan 2018
Coleman’s March June 2018
La contredanse May 2018
The Crooked Road Feb 2018
Dance Boatman Dance Sept 2017
The Dance of the Honeybees by Charlie Lennon Feb 2018
The Dancing Bear by Bob McQuillen Aug 2017
Dick Gossip’s March 2018
Dinky’s Reel Jan 2018
Don Messer’s Breakdown Sept 2017
Doonagore June 2017
The Earl’s Chair March 2018
Father Kelly’s Apr 2018
Filles de Lonzac March 2018
Finn Schottische Oct 2017
Fisher’s Hornpipe May 2017
Galway Belle Aug 2017
Gigue du Salon by Pascal Gemme Oct 2017
Gladløten Aug 2017
Grinds Hans Jäspödspolska Aug 2017
The Gullane Apr 2018
The Handsome Young Maidens March 2018
The Hare in the Corn Dec 2017
Highland Laddie June 2018
Highlander’s Farewell Aug 2017
The Humours of Glin March 2018
The Humours of Lisheen March 2018
The Huntsman’s Chorus June 2018
The Irishman’s Heart to the Ladies Feb 2018
Reel Issodun May 2017 Dec 2017 May 2018
Jig of Slurs Dec 2017 Jan 2018
Jimmy Ward’s Favorite aka The Clare Jig Feb 2018
The Joy of My Life Feb 2018
Karis Pers Polska Oct 2017
Kitchen Girl Aug 2017 Sept 2017
Kitty Lie Over Aug 2017
Kitty’s Wedding Feb 2018
The Ladies’ Pantalettes Apr 2018
Lannigan’s Ball March 2018
Lilting Banshee Dec 2017
Liza Jane Jan 2018
March à Thomas Pomerleau Oct 2017 May 2018
McQuillen’s Squeezebox by Ralph Page Feb 2018 June 2018
The Meeting of the Waters June 2018
Mrs. Galvin’s Jig March 2018
Mistwold by Dudley Laufman June 2018
Morrison’s Jig March 2018
My Darling Asleep March 2018
Mylecharaine’s March June 2018
The Noisy Curlew Dec 2017
Norway Schottische by Mellie Dunham Aug 2017 Oct 2017
O’Donnell Abú June 2018
The O’Donnells Apr 2018
Opera Reel Dec 2017 Jan 2018
O’Sullivan’s March June 2018
Over the Mountain Aug 2017
Pays de Haut Oct 2017
Penobscot Memory Apr 2018
Pete’s March June 2018
Prince William Dec 2017
Quadrille des ancêtres May 2017
Rabastan à Avila Leblanc Aug 2017
La rachoudine May 2018
The Rambling Pitchfork March 2018
Reel à André Alain May 2018
Reel à Robin by Claude Méthé May 2017 Aug 2017
Le rêve du quêteux Tremblay May 2018
The Rolling Wave Dec 2017
Rory O’More Dec 2017
Schotis: Johan på loftet by Lars Gustavsson Aug 2017
Scotty O’Neil by Bob McQuillen June 2018
The Seven Step Polka Aug 2017
The Shaskeen Jig March 2018
The Silver Spear Dec 2017
Sledding Down the Mountain by Julia Plumb Aug 2017
The Snowy Breasted Pearl June 2018
Stam Willum Aug 2017
The Sycamore Apr 2018
Tamlin Aug 2017
Timothy Clifford’s Apr 2018
Top of Maol March 2018
Le Tourment by Jean-Paul Loyer Aug 2017
Unknown: Éric Favreau family tune GDGD tuning May 2017
Unknown: “Guy Bouchard’s Warming Up Tune” May 2017
Le Voyage Aug 2017
Wigwam Polka by Andy Dejarlis May 2018